The twitching of an eyebrow is probably as old as mankind. It is a phenomenon that is experienced by nearly all human beings. It can occur at any time and age of a human being. Generally, the twitching of an eyebrow has not been strongly linked to any serious medical condition or disease. But there is reason to look more closely at this muscle movement around the eye. In some rare cases, this twitching may be a signal of things to come in terms of health. The reading of material in this post should help you unravel some of the questions such as why does your eye twitch?

Why Does Your Eye Twitch – the Facts

Here are some facts about eyebrow twitching. Did you know that on average, a normal human experiences eye brow twitching about twenty times in a year? Further, that the twitching of an eye brow as innocent as it often appears could, well, sometimes be an indication of a malady on the way. These indeed are pertinent questions and facts that require a closer examination and information. So, really, why does your eye twitch? The twitching of an eye is referred to in medical terms as myokymia. This involuntary act of muscle movement even though it s often viewed as a minor occurrence, can be a serious problem for some people. The causes of your eyebrow twitching are similar to the causes of your muscles twitching anywhere else on your body. These are involuntary muscle spasms that manifest by contraction and expansion. What is interesting about the eye brow twitching is that it can continue for months on end.

So, why does your eye twitch for long?

If your eyebrow twitches for more that one day, you need to begin to search for a solution. The eye brow twitches as a result of the muscles surrounding the eye receiving impulses from the brain. The brain is responsible for the muscle movements around the eyes. This movement is also referred to as a muscle spasm. It is an involuntary and spontaneous contraction of a muscle or a group of muscles.

So, why does your eye twitch even when you think and seem to be in perfectphysical and mental health? The following causes must be looked at closely and the necessary adjustments be made accordingly if you find that one or a number of them reigns you in as a statistic. Muscle fatigue could be one of the reasons why your eye brow twitches uncontrollably. Other reasons include heavy exercise, dehydration, alcoholism, some medical conditions and hypothyroidism. Be sure to consult your doctor to find out why does your eye twitch.