When a woman expects a child, she has to provide good nourishment for herself as well as the baby within her. The growing child gets all of the important nutrients from their mother by the means of the umbilical cord. For this reason, a proper and balanced diet is a must all throughout this time. If there is deficiency of any kind of vitamins and nutrients in the mother, it will be the same case for the baby.

Pregnant woman standing behind a row of food

A well-balanced food should be composed of everything in the right amount starting from the milk products, vegetables, fruit, fish, eggs, meat, carbohydrates and fats – take a look at some healthy recipes. An expecting mother must eat:

A lot of different kinds of fruits as well as vegetables along with wholegrain breads and breakfast cereals.

She should take low-fat dairy items and lean meats in moderate amounts.

The food that contain high amount of fat, salt and sugar, should not be taken in hugequantity.

The fish and chicken that a pregnant woman eats should have low mercury.

Dried beans, varieties of nuts, seeds and several kinds of lentils are the source of huge amounts of proteins and minerals. So the expecting mother must have these foods on a regular basis to have a healthy pregnancy diet.

Green vegetables are the must during this course of time. They are the good supplier of iron that is needed to give nutrients to the placenta. Broccoli and spinach, muesli and strawberries are the reliable source of iron.

Zinc and calcium are the other two important nutrients that the baby needs for its growth and these can be received if you eat every kind of foods during this cycle.

Besides the foods, the mother should take at least 3 liters of water everyday. Water is the vital component for the growth of the baby since the foods and the nutritional component are transported to the baby though water.

A pregnant mother must avoid caffeine because it increases the rate of the baby’s heart and sometimes causes low weight at the time of the birth.

Alcohol is another no-no during pregnancy as high amounts can cause severe birth defects.