Everyone is aware of the saying – “Health is Wealth”. But due to sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy habits, many people loss that precious asset of their life. Obesity and lathergy come side by side. They also call several health problems like insomnia or hypertension. The key to stay healthy is to obey some golden rules like sleeping in time and eat healthy. But those are known to you all. So here I am jotting down some tips to improve your heath and get back your younger fresh looking appearance which you are normally not familiar with.

1. Do somefacial exercise

When you put on some pounds, it also effects on your facial tissues. Also as the age increases it results sagging of the facial skin making your skin look older. Facial exercise helps a lot to get rid of this. It tones your skin and makes it firmer. It also helps to give a sculpted look to your skin. Some facial exercises are specially invented to target wrinkles and reduce them. Lion face, surprise me are some famous facial exercises. Just mark your problem and choose exercises that target to reduce them.

2. Clean your stomach

If you are suffering from indigestion you will never look healthy as it reflects on your skin specially on face too. You should clear your stomach to get back that glow and to keep those bumps on your face at bay. Here is a simple tip you can do every morning at empty stomach. Take one spoon of apple cider vinegar and add some lime juice to one glass of lukewarm water. It is very healthy for your stomach. It also helps to get rid of toxins.

3. Trichloroacetic acid (TCA) peel treatment to remove those stubborn scars

Hyperpigmentation, freckles also add a ton of age to your face. To get rid of those scars caused by hyperpigmentation or severe acne, you may go through TCA peel treatment. You may be familiar with glycolic acid treatment but that is the mildest acid used in skin peeling. But TCA not only works on superficial layer but also penetrates into deeper layer and heals your skin problem. It also helps to reduce wrinkles.

4. Get rid of love handles

Love handles are those flapy parts sides if your abs. Though you think yourself slim, if you have love handles, it is going to add some ages to your appearance. Fats in particular areas of your body is more weird than deposition of fats in whole body. Do exercises which target to cure those love handles. Twist crunches, bending exercises would help you in this matter.

5. Add super foods to your diet

Super foods are famous for their amazing heath benefits. They are low in calorie but rich in nutrients. Some examples are- avocado, blueberry, almonds, spinach etc. Also add beta-carotene rich food like carrot to your diet as it helps to improve your skin quality. Super foods are also helpful in combating stress and other health issues. Follow some easy steps and stay healthy, stay young.