Herbal medicine is a traditional form of medicine that had been used by ancient people in centuries. There had been live evidences proving that early civilizations use plants and herbs as part of their traditional medicine. The earliest evidence garnered by archaeologists that proves the usage of herbal plants for remedies and ailments come from China. The date is still way back 2800 BC, which is thousands of years ago. Nowadays, people from around the world are now patronizing different alternative medicines such as herbal medicine, homeopathy, naturopathy, and ayurveda. Some of them even favor the use of herbal medicine than synthetic medicine. This article will help you understand the advantages and disadvantages of herbal medicine.

One great advantage of herbal medicine is its being cost-effective and inexpensive compared to medicines purchased from pharmacies. In addition, herbal medicines are always available in any health stores and be purchased even without prescriptions from doctors. Ailments, herbal medicines are more effective than pharmaceutical medicines.

The side effects of herbal medicine are much softer than pharmaceutical medicines. Usually, there are no negative side effects compared to pharmaceutical medicines. Herbal medicines can be used effectively for the natural detoxification process of the body. The natural herbs such as garlic, carrot concentrate, chlorella, alfalfa juice, aloe Vera, rhubarb juice powder, and Plantago psyllium seed can be used to boost your immune system, improve digestion & food absorption, and cleanse the colon. By using natural herbal medicine, some digestive disorders such as irritable bowel syndrome, peptic ulcers, indigestion, and colitis can also be cured.

Herbal medicines that include motherwort, garlic, capsicum, and ginger help control illness related to blood circulation such as varicose ulcers, high blood pressure, and so on. Some herbal medicines are also used to reduce cholesterol level in the blood stream and treat coronary heart disease. There are also herbal medicines that help regulate appetite and reduce excess weight.

Herbal medicine may also have its disadvantages just like other forms of alternative health care. One disadvantage of herbal medicine is the cure would take some time, thus you need to have the vast patience. Herbal medicine consist diverse ingredients that your body must ensure to agree or is not allergic. It may also have negative side effects ailments that are not revealed immediately instead it would take time. If herbal medicine does not agree with your body, it is best to stop using it.

Governments do not regulate the industry of herbal medicine, thus it has not quality assurance. Few health experts study herbal medicine. It would be best to do consultation first with the health expert before patronizing herbal medicine. Pharmaceutical medicines are still the best during sudden or serious injury or illness as herbal medicine cannot provide treatment to serious injuries such as broken leg or other serious ailments like heart attack and appendicitis. Users of herbal medicine would often do self-dosing, which is very risky. This is because herbal medicine does not come with specific dosage instructions compared in pharmaceutical medicines. If the herbal medicine contains incorrect identification, it can result to poisoning.