Teenagers are at the prime of their lives as they face diverse challenges of development and growth. Hence, they are highly recommended to follow healthy diet plan during these period. Let us learn more about information and recommendations about healthy diet for teenagers.

Being a teenager is like entering a new world full of responsibilities, maturity, optimism, and youthfulness. A stage of in human lives deals between the transformations of a person from childhood phase to adulthood phase. This consists the growing years of our lives. When we are teenagers, we are characterized by development and growth of body and mind, thus it is important to adhere to a healthy diet that a teenager should have.

If a teenager lacks the healthy diet, they tend to have health problems such as hypertension, coronary diseases, anemia, and obesity as they mature. Shortness of breath and fatigue are symptoms of anemia during teenage years. This can be avoided by feeding teenagers with iron-rich foods. Obesity is one of the basic causes of heart diseases and hypertension while coronary heart diseases are resulted from excessive fat intake. With these diseases, teenagers are suggested to reduce intake of fatty foods. Foods enriched with fiber are vital part of healthy diet for teenagers. Less intake of fiber may lead to health problems such as colon cancer in later life. 20% of teenager’s diet must consist of meat, eggs, and milk while the remaining 80% should consist of grain, vegetables, and fruits.

Just like other diet plans, teenager’s diet plan should also consist of three meals every day whereas breakfast is still the most important meal of the day. Breakfast is also an important factor for the proper emotional and physical development of a teenager. Junk foods are rich in fats, thus it should be avoided by teenagers instead the best snack to intake are fresh fruits. Fast foods are also not healthy; however, teenagers are often attracted with these foods. Although these foods satisfy one’s taste buds, it is not beneficial to the health. It is okay to eat fast foods occasionally but not regularly or as part of daily diet for teenagers. Soft drinks are also not recommended as part of healthy diet for teenagers since it contains high calorie.

It is best to go for fruit juices instead or other healthier drinks. Excessive intake of salt and sugar is proven to give harmful effect in a person’s body. Therefore, teenager’s diet should be supplemented with spices and other herbs instead. On the contrary, teenagers can still eat foods with salt or sugar as long as it is in moderation. Too much intake of sweets can also lead to tooth decay or result in sleepiness. Here is a list of good recommendations for teenagers’ healthy diet:

Limit eating of meat more than twice a day and eat less red meats at it contain high cholesterol amounts

Limit eating of eggs in a day but consuming 3-4 eggs every week will not cause any harm

Drink skim milk rather than whole milk as it is a fat-free drink

Consume fresh fruits and vegetables every day, and start the day with a fresh fruit juice.

Cereal or oatmeal can be great starters for the day. Add it with sliced fruits and walnuts for craving presentation.

Drink plenty of water every day of up to one to 2 liters. This will keep the internal body clean and maintain metabolism.