If you are a health conscious or those who only take care of your silhouette, but want to start completely take care of now, it is important to consider what are the risk factors for heart and about which you can act. Among the disease of the heart some are modifiable, others not, but it is essential that you know to work on them; are you ready to start a healthy lifestyle? If yes, read this article thoroughly.

Among the risk factors for heart cardiologists have classified it into three categories: not modifiable, the eradicable and controllable.

No modifiable risk factors for heart

Risk factors for your heart are those that are modifiable and unfortunately you can not remove. But do not despair! The good news is that you can consult with your physician to find out what you have to take care of the best way. Not modifiable disease of the heart are:

Your father has suffered a heart disease before age 55 or your mother has done it before age 65.

Having more than 45 years in the case of men or over 55 in the case of women.

Remember to always perform a proper diet and exercise. But if you have any of the non-modifiable risk factors, care should be higher. Read also:

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Eradicable disease of the heart

In the case of risk factors eradicable, if you’re not careful, because they do not want! These risk factors can you draw from your life for your own decision. If you also have non-modifiable risk factors, the multiplier effect. The sooner you remove these risk factors of your routine, the better.


Leading a sedentary lifestyle.

Eating foods high in fat or salt.

Drinking alcohol in excess.

Consume fewer fruits and vegetables.

In this case, everything depends on you what are you waiting to start a healthy life ?

Controllable disease of the heart

Risk factors that you may not know it yet. Therefore, it is very important to find out health examinations on time and to work on them.

Hypertension, also called high blood pressure.



Social isolation.

Have very high glucose levels, very low or changing. This may be due to a very high sugar diet, lack of exercise or stress.

Cholesterol and high triglycerides or low HDL cholesterol (also called “good cholesterol”).


Abdominal obesity (you can have a waist measurement too large even if your weight is normal).

The combination of diabetes, hypertension and high cholesterol.

Do not forget, you must look after and care provided to children from birth. Exercise, eat healthy and enjoy life!